Moving on from posts re selling a Fuji X camera or X-trans problems...

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Re: Moving on from posts re selling a Fuji X camera or X-trans problems...

Imagefoundry wrote:

great idea re: sticky threads and faqs, but they might not work here - these things require a clearly defined "party line", which is pretty opposite to laissez-faire moderation on DPR.

yes, the signal-to-noise ratio is pretty low here (this can be said about 'net on the whole), but it's still above worthless. I've been reading this forum since xpro1 launch and it was very useful to me personally.

As for forum attention whores - well, it's a tricky question. I had to moderate an equipment-related forum on a popular website (paintball) some decade ago, and it was a fine balancing act which I often failed at. Bottom line is, trolls serve a useful function. Ban them and the whole bunch of things, some of them good, stop happening. You just have to endure the accompanying BS.

Thus far, the only way I've found to separate the gold from the dross is to do a bunch of sifting over time.

I like the X-series tools enough that I'm still intrigued by what I'm learning. I do think these are niche photo tools. It is silly to expect the X cameras to rival the flexibility of DSLR's.

Theres a lot of nonsense on the web.


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