Impressive Dynamic Colors (Superficial/Artificial) vs Washed Out Faded Colors (Originality/Natural)

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Re: What's wrong with reality?

Colin C wrote:

What's wrong with reality?.

This kind of question has been around since fine oil paintings were producible.

The point that so many people miss or misunderstand, is about the nature of what they call reality.

Reality is what you experience in your mind, your reality is unique to you.

Your reality is the product of your total experiences up to your present conscious point.

A perhaps extreme instance of this popped up in my mind recently. I was talking to a class of First Nations (a.k.a 'Indians') people about how we see not only with our eyes but with our 'vision system'.

Our vision system includes not only our eyes but also the weird 'crossing point' in the optic nerve, (where the two (L & R) bunches of nerves meet and then separate again - some nerves cross to the other side and some don't), and the vision-related areas of the brain.

But that's not the whole story - our personal history of seeing things also affects what we perceive. and right in mid-sentence I was reminded of something I read years ago: when the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in Latin America, they wanted to create a strong impression - 'Shock & Awe', so rather than leading their horses off the ships, they mounted up and rode them off. The locals had presumably been accustomed to seeing four-legged animals but probably not horses, so what they perceived was something they had never seen: a strange beast with four legs, two arms and two heads.

I also remember reading about vision experiments with very young kittens: some were kept in an environment which had no vertical stripes, others in an environment with no horizontal stripes. When they returned to the real world a few weeks later, they could apparently not see the stripes that they had never experienced - the relevant 'stripe detection' areas of their brains had not developed.

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