which would be the best raw processor for the XE-1?

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Re: which would be the best raw processor for the XE-1?

David Hardaway wrote:

I have spent a great deal of time trying different optiions. C1 does a good job and has good micro co trast, but as another memeber has mentioned, LR does a better job with highlights.

Depending on the subject, LR does a decent job with sharpening 150 radius .6 detail 0 masking 0. That seems to work just fine untkl they get the bugs worked out arou d foliage.

However, the best results i have been able to achieve came from exporting RAF files from the bundled Silkypix to 16bit TIF without any adjustments except 100% unsharp mask in development parameters. It works fast. Then import your TIF files into lightroom where you will have exposure latitude similar to what you get with RAF and further sharpening can be done in LR if needed without causing watercolor effect.

It is a work around but it does work and works well.

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thanks. this was exactly my concern. I do have the previous version of C1 and I'm not sure if V7 is any different from an updated Version 6 C1. also a previous version of SilkyPix and a bundled one. wonder if version 5 is any better. I practically use LR and PS due to the set parameters for my workflow and plugins that I have on. I see that LR DNG conversion might still have some issues with regards to bringing out the best details out of the RAW image.

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