Getting rid of the V1

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Re: Thank you..

It's important to put the IQ of the V1 in context from both perspectives.

The negative: It's not a D800 or D3100 for that matter.

The positive: It' about equal to SLRs from 4-5 years ago that people made great images with (and didn't/couldn't blame for bad output). Take the Canon 30D, for example. It's also equal to the first generation of M43 sensors, which have been exceeded now but held the interest of many former DSLR shooters for a few years. Finally, it's much better than 99% of point and shoot cameras on the market. I'm reminded of that whenever I use my LX3, which for a while was one of the best PS cameras, but is not any good above ISO 200.

To the OP, this post isn't directed at you. I don't think you came here with bad intentions. It was more a case of unrealistic expectations, or that you simply learned what kind of IQ you can/can't tolerate-- and it happens to be very high.

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