how many $$$ have legacy lenses saved for you? and aren't they fun?

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Re: how many $$$ have legacy lenses saved for you? and aren't they fun?

I like legacy glass, but in actual practice, there are just two legacy lenses that I use freqently (one very frequently), and two that I also like, but use less frequently.

The Nikon Micro-Nikkor 55mm f3.5 non-AI is my well-used macro lens. I even tried the 60mm Oly this summer, but after comparing the output of both of them, I realized the Nikon was fully the equal of the Oly in terms of sharpness, even wide open, and I also prefer having direct focus control, not focus by I returned the Oly. That saved me about $425.....

The other lens I use a lot is my Yashica 50mm f1.7. However, I also do have the 45mm f1.8 Oly, which I use when I need AF in that focal range. I love the image rendition of the Yashica, and if I had to give up one of my native lenses, it would be the Oly 45mm, and I would keep the Yashica instead.

I also have a Yashica ML 35mm f2.8, and 135mm f2.8. There are no native M43 lenses for either of these focal lengths, so I use them when the occasion arises. I would, however, get a native M43 version of a 35mm if one came no savings there.

One legacy lens purchase actually made me go out and spend more on M43 lenses....I found a Konica Hexanon 24mm, which I bought for $35, to try the focal length. It turned out to be a very good fl for me, but also turned out to be a fairly valuable I Ebayed it, and made a $200 profit....which then immediately went into the M43 PL 25mm f1.4 (which I absolutely LOVE) in this case, I ended up spending $300 due to a legacy purchase!

Then, of course, are the legacies I have tried but just didn't care for...however, those were purchased inexpensively and their cost was recouped when I sold them, so no loss or gain of $$ there, overall....

Overall, I figure I have come out about even in terms of legacies saving vs costing me money....

However, I do have a few that I truly prefer the IQ on to the native M43 lenses, and those are the keepers for me. I still look for new ones to try, too, since they are fun to experiment with...but not sure they are quite the dollar savers for me that they have been for you.


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