Getting rid of the V1

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Re: Getting rid of the V1

I think the RX1 will serve you well, giving you the choice of taking out a top notch compact or your top notch DSLR, probably a mix of amongst the best kit currently on the market.

from my own perspective, I like your photo's that you posted but having myself grown tired of jumping from system to system in the search for the 'ideal camera', I decided to stop being uber critical of shots and just enjoy the content of the picture and as a result, I am much happier with the camera that I own.

The membership here varies between people who could drop £2500 on a camera tomorrow without a thought and those that have to save for months just to get a modest model - in that sense, some will look at your pictures and not empathise with your disregard for your V1 or even understand what it is that you don't like about the results and others will.

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