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Re: Upgrade from K20D

After 4 years and about 50,000 clicks on my K20D, I got the K5IIs. The low ISO quality is excellent with more detail due to the lack of AA filter (my first 16x24" prints are stunning). The clean DR allows the shadows to be lifted without noise much more than the K20D. The high ISO performance is a world of difference - I can get away with 6400 and still get very high quality with a little NR, even 12800 produces an acceptable snapshot. And, the focus is hugely improved, especially in low light. I've tried it with a wide range of primes (FA and DA ltd) and zooms, DA* but also consumer zooms including the 16-45 that I got for my istD (still a great lightweight zoom), and the focus and results are very good. Here's a shot of a baby fur seal at dusk in the Galapagos taken with the DA 18-250, 6400 ISO - great detail and low noise.

Baby fur seal

Except for a couple of times when I've needed a second camera or wanted to have a backup, I have not used the K20D (a great camera) since I got the K5IIs.

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