Not A Fan of Viewfinders. Am I crazy?

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Re: You are lucky your close range vision is still good ..

zenit_b wrote:--

ok .. what you will find when you get to your late forties/early fifties is that your close range vision How close do you hold your LCD Screen ? Mine has to be around 18" for me to be able focus comfortably. Then its quite small of course and I cant see all the detail.

I've never been quite able to work out why people feel they need actual detail in an arm's-reach style LCD viewfinder. Surely, all you need it for is framing of the main subject masses... [??]

If you need the most detailed view of what is actually happening IN your shot...

... surely you simply look over the top of the camera. (shrugs)

Note: This is what users of large format have been doing since the 1840's. They don't even have a choice. At the point of exposure there is no viewfinder to view with, as the ground glass screen is replaced by the darkslide holding the film.

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