Comparing Nikon 16-85 VR and 18-55 on my D40.

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Re: Thank you!

Penny123 wrote:

Unfortunately at the moment I don't have live view and don't know anyone with a nikon I can try that one.

Well as an alternative you can try manual focusing to "approximate" live view. Set your camera up on a tripod with the lens at max aperture and press the shutter to allow it to auto focus. Then switch the lens to manual focus and see if you can get the image any clearer than where your AF thinks it should be. Also try the AF several times over and over and see if the distance scale always stops at the same point. (defocus the lens between shots so it has some work to do). If it's like mine it will not be consistent.

I still don't know if I have a focus issue or if simply the lens doesn't take good portraits at 5.6.

I can tell you that the 16-85 is capable of very sharp images at 5.6 *when* it is focused properly. Try the manual test above. If you can't get an very, very sharp image at 5.6 that way your lens has a defect other than the AF issue.

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