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Re: Dropbox link to the raw image

jonska wrote:

The middle image is the result of hitting auto in Light room It's a big improvement (and similar to Irfan view but I'm not happy - especially with the sky.

The bottom one I've boosted the vibrance and applied a grad to the sky. If this was more than a quick demo I might have fiddled with the sky more. But I was trying to it as a quick hack. I'd probably make the adjustments slightly smaller but I wanted them to be obvious .

"Quick hack" is what the whole thing about, so well done! Certainly much better than the Irfanview "shotgun" treatment. You may not be happy with the sky, but you have salvaged it better than Irfanview.

I wonder if you could be persuaded to load up just the final image in a separate post, as it is quite small in your triptych. Perhaps you could also send it to me if you have the time so that I can compare it on monitors side by side with the Irfanview image.

What I am going to try is to collect your settings into a preset and apply that preset to the 20 or so shots that I took of similar scenes (all shot of the coast from a boat). I probably can't use the gradient setting as the areas of sky are different. Nevertheless, I might have have something that would give me a baseline for about 20 out of 185 images.

Again, well done!

Glad you liked it When I said about time spent in lightroom in my other message, I think I've got to a point where I can look a picture and go "oh yes, that needs X"  (a bit like dark room printers who could look at a neg and say "grade 4 paper, 10 seconds burn the sky in" without making a test print - I was neverthat good in the darkroom), but I still remember what it was like to spend 10 minutes staring at the screen going "what on earth do I do here". Lightroom's correction brush and grad filters are really the digital equivalent of burning and dodging in the dark room. is the picture, and the next two in the thumbnails at the bottom are the general settings and the graduate filter settings.



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