Not A Fan of Viewfinders. Am I crazy?

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You are lucky your close range vision is still good ..

KyleSlamchez wrote:

maybe I'm a young whippersnapper ....

ok .. what you will find when you get to your late forties/early fifties is that your close range vision gets worse and you cant see things well that are very close. You will start holding things further away to compensate. This mitigates against using LCDs for shooting.

I now have a Panasonic GX1 which has no VF - just the LCD. I have to hold this a fair distance away to be able to focus... and yes my glasses do have a close focus area at the bottom.

My view (rightly or wrongly) is that this is one of the reasons older people prefer viewfinders (perhaps unconsciously)... viewfinders are set up for infinity focus which is kinder on older eyes. I often raise my GX1 to my eye - before realising its not my EVF equipped G2, and I have to hold the camera away from me to focus on the LCD screen.

How close do you hold your LCD Screen ? Mine has to be around 18" for me to be able focus comfortably. Then its quite small of course and I cant see all the detail. By contrast once in the G2 EVF I am immersed in detail...mmmm

One thing to bear in mind is that the 40 years old plus demographic is strong in quality camera buying... one of the reasons viewfinders still rule on quality kit.

You also see the effect starting to come in on phones where older phone buyers like me are turning to larger screened Galaxy S III and Note II smartphones rather than the tiny apple stuff. Theres a reason these phones are getting popular ... YMMV

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