From a D800 to a D4 some thoughts.

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Re: From a D800 to a D4 some thoughts.

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I have a D4 - it works just fine. Has right from the start, no focus or green tint issues, it does exactalywhat it's meant to to - produce great files.

My D4 works just fine also. I think I'll take up Thom's advice though, and set all my cameras back from Adobe RGB to sRGB for judging colour on the rear LCD. I always change to ProPhoto in post, so I have no idea why I would have been using Adobe RGB in camera all these years

I'm still evaluating my D800E vs. D4. I've had the D4 longer and it just goes and goes. I have the subjective impression that with my TC17E and 500VR, the D4 snaps into initial focus whereas the D800E does not "snap", which is a drawback for wildlife action. Just an impression but I feel D4 initial AF is faster. I need more experience with both cameras to build a proper conclusion.

Now unlike the OP, in my case I am not sure I noticed any AF lag in low-light theatre with my D800E and my 24-70. I actually have a whole play to go back and process and I'll be keeping an eye out for AF misses, but I remember thinking at the time it was OK. Again it's tough to compare one for the other with AF, because even though I might be using both at the same venue, one will have the 24-70 mounted and the other the 70-200. But I guess I do agree with the OP that the D4 AF seems more surefooted and carefree.

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The problem with the D800 focus is when you put fast primes on it and shoot wide open @1.4 in poor lighting/low contrast so I am not sure of they nikon fined this issue or not but the D4 is looking good may be even a little better then my trusty D3s

OK, thanks for that additional info.  I will keep an eye out for it (with 1.4 lenses and D800 vs. D4).  I am currently down to a single fast prime in my kit, the Sigma 50mm f/1.4, as I cleaned house to raise cash in prep for getting the D4.  But eventually, if day-job outlook improves, I would like to get the 85mm f/1.4G and then later on a 135G VR III (sold the current version and raised a grand for the D4).

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'A camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.' -- Dorothea Lange

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