Which to trial first - LR4 or CS6?

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Re: Which to trial first - LR4 or CS6?

If you make money with your photography using both might be the right thing for you. You can also write off the cost of you software as an expense. LR has superior image origination in its library database system when compared to what Photoshop and Bridge together hast to offer. LR also has a RAW converter user interface many Photographers prefer over ACR UI. If your into heavy image modification, web and automation you will also need Photoshop.

There are two flavors of Photoshop standard and extended where extended has an additional $300 cost.

I don't make money from photography so all money comes out of my pocket. Photoshop elements does not meet my needs and I don't need Photoshop 3D tools for an extra $300. I also don't need Lightrooms Library system. With Photoshop you will need to use ACR if you want several RAW conversions of an image in a document to blend. I don't feel I need a second UI over Adobe's RAW conversion engine that cost $300.

Adobe is trying to milk every dollar they can from Photoshop. To increase their take Adobe now feel it time to force their loyal user to buy every upgrade or pay a monthly rental. As you are seeing Adobe is only supporting newer cameras in the latest version of the RAW conversion engine and only support that engine it their latest version of LR and Photoshop. Adobe has been using strong are methods for year Adobe is now just using stronger arms with the new pricing They will continue and use stronger arms in the future as long as there is no real completion.

Photoshop support continues to go downhill. Photoshop has been broken for several release now and Adobe does not really care unless it hurts sails. After CS6 release it took Adobe support five months to patch-up CS6 so could even run on most machines. CS6 still has many new bugs that have not been addressed and the CS4 and CS5 bugs are still in CS6. Adobe has ever given their cloud users additional bugs and remove a feature.

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