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Re: Monitor for Photo Processing

Pictus wrote:

Thank you, but I am just sharing good info to make us better understand the facts.
Consider that even a very expensive monitor needs recalibration, also as the monitor
ages, we need to recalibrate again...
You are not going to see any monitor that the factory calibration is good enough...
Too many variables at stake, makes calibration/recalibration a must.

Thank you very much again for the advice.

I understand you are saying a factory calibration preset may not be "good enough".

Chris Noble wrote:

1) The sRGB preset on your monitor will select a 100% sRGB gamut, but will not ensure that each color gradation within the gamut is displayed correctly. If you want accurate color display within the gamut (not just at the edges), you need to use an external calibrator that will step the monitor through many color combinations and build a profile table.

2) As the monitor ages, the color response will change so you need to recalibrate periodically. The factory presets can't be adjusted for aging.

3) Finally, it is difficult to set the brightness accurately without a hardware calibrator. This is important if you plan to print.

If this is a serious hobby for you, you should invest in a good calibrator.

Thank you for that valuable input - much appreciated

Checking the on-line calibration tools it would seem the preset is more than just the gamut - the preset does not allow any adjustments - even brightness and contrast are disabled:

From page 11 of the manual -

ViewSonic VX2270Smh-LED manual - page 11

and from the datasheet -

VX2270Smh-LED datasheet

My take is that the monitor is factory calibrated for sRGB (at 100% sRGB) and all the visual tests I have done seems to suggest that it is preset adjusted for sRGB color workspace.

To me the calibration seems to have been done at the factory - that was the reason why I was enthusiastic.

I do understand that perhaps I should not trust, or put too much faith in factory calibration - and should use a calibration tool to at least check that the preset is really set correctly to sRGB - I intend to do this when I have the means, and opportunity.

Really appreciate both your inputs.

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