Had Trouble With Focus Point on D7000... Any Thoughts?

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Re: Another one

stuntmonkey wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

A couple of things might help. Focus-recompose lets you use one of the cross-type arrays in the center so that helped, as you found out. Another trick is to switch from AF-Area mode "single" to "9pt". That often lets the outer arrays get just enough extra info to get focus right. It will even help as the light gets even dimmer and the central arrays start to have problems.

Last trick is technique. Using AF-C lock on to a clouds above the rig. Then slowly pan down towards the rig and you'll see the focus swap from sky to rig and you can momentarily get focus when starting on the rig didn't work. Good Luck and hope that helps.

Another trick is to rotate the camera from landscape to portrait orientation. Your out vertically oriented AF points are now horizontal and have an easier time picking up vertically oriented detail. Lock focus, rotate camera back to landscape and shoot.

Thanks!  I would definitely not thought of doing that... I will play with that method next time out and about with my camera... makes sense though.  Thanks much!

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