Had Trouble With Focus Point on D7000... Any Thoughts?

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Re: Had Trouble With Focus Point on D7000... Any Thoughts?

cerberusjf wrote:

Greg Nold wrote:

Thanks for your help Cerberusjf! I tend to think it was a low light, lack of contrast problem, but I appreciate your input nonetheless!

Hi Greg,

maybe I didn't explain well, but I thought the problems of low light and lack of contrast may be exacerbated by the maximum aperture available at 135mm (f5.6?), which might cause a less sensitive focal point (or a faulty one) to fail. The scene is the same in the second photo and the camera could focus at 55mm where the maximum aperture available for the focus sensor would be greater (f4.8?).

Glad you found a work-around!!

Actually, you may be right... sounds like a reasonable hypothesis.  I should keep that in mind next time... I'm betting that was a major factor in what happened.  Thanks again for your help on this!

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