Buying the GH3. Ultrawide lens and variable ND filter?

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Assuming you will use your GH3 for some video shooting, I wouldn't get the 20mm.

It's lousy for video - too slow AF. Before buying any lenses get opinions on their use for video; the lenses that are optimized for video are going to be the newer ones, anyway, and will have other updated aspects. The ultra-cheap (now) Sigma 19mm 2.8 is quite good for video. I would assume that the new Oly 17mm is also good. Remember that for video, you can still get good video from a slower lens, which is why I mentioned the Sigma. I use the HBR video setting on my GH2s with auto ISO for good results, especially indoors.

Although not UW, I would suggest the Oly 12mm.

Notes: I don't have a GH3, but have 2 GH2s (used when video is primary) and two OM-Ds, for when stills are primary. Obviously, most of the time I just carry one of each.

I had the Pany 20mm for a couple of years before selling it. That was before my video days, and I still didn't fall in love with it. I would suggest the 25mm 1.4 instead - better bokeh and focal length. However, I don't own - it's number two on my list - just bought the 75mm 1.8 - so can't give an opinion on its video capabilities.

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