What Lens Should I Get for T2i?

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Re: What Lens Should I Get for T2i?

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bobbyj408 wrote:

I wanted to ask what lens you all recommend for the T2i? My budget is pretty limited and i am debating between the 50mm f/1.8 and the 40mm f/2.8 pancake. I am a begineer and I do not have any lens for it yet. What do you think?

Well thr 18-55 IS II is a no-brainer for its value and flexibility. Get that for starters (even used).

I concur.

Then to choose between the 2 primes, you first need to decide whether or not f/2.8 is fast enough for you. The 2 primary considerations would be background blur and shutter speeds (in low light).

Otherwise the new 40 STM outperforms the Thrifty Fifty in practically all areas (Skip on over to the Lens Forum and do a search). Folks have been hugely happy with it. And everyone I know personally who has bought one has been extremely pleased with it.

Myself, I've owned a couple of copies of the 50 f/1.8 and have really enjoyed using it, esp in low light (the extra stop in shutter speed can be really useful) and the bokeh/blur at f/2.0 (which is where I shoot it) is nicer than at f/2.8. I also really love that focal length on crop. The AF however can be a little inconsistent.

My 40 STM on the other hand performs absolutely marvelously. It's very sharp and the AF is just spot on. Compositions are a bit looser at 40mm, but that can be a good thing (esp with 18MP to work with). I really haven't touched the 50 since buying the 40 STM to be honest. But you'll have to weigh the merits of each yourself, and see where your own priorities lie.

Note: As was previously mentioned, you'll only reap the benefits of STM focusing (in video mode) with a T4i or later.

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