Cheap, light pic viewer for package holidays ???????

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Re: PS re: Cheap, light pic viewer for package holidays ???????

I would recommend a small 7" tablet such as the Nook HD (1440x900) or the Nexus 7 (1,280x800) both have terrific resolution for displaying photos. I personally like the Nexus 7 the best but you have to attach a small $2.00 USB dongle and attach a USB SD card reader . The Nook Tablets have a micro sd slot so you can just use a microsd card in an SD adapter in your camera and then pop the Micro sd into the Nook and transfer or look at your pictures and videos.

The benefit of these are you can also use them to access wifi to get your emails or browse online plus read books on them as well as transfer your photos to the cloud to ensure you cannot lose them.

The Nexus 7 has a small camera which in a pinch can record items for reference or be used to Skype or Google talk to back home. Great for grabbing a picture of a local street map for reference walking around.

I always take my 14" laptop with me when traveling but if I couldn't I would take my Nexus7 with a dongle or my older Nook colour

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