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Re: Perspective question

LeeS wrote:

BrentR wrote:

The 12mm Oly is a very nice lens but I don't always want the perspective of a 12mm to get the FOV of a 24mm lens.

Help me with this one. I do not understand your comment above.

How is the perspective of a 24 mm lens on a 1x sensor different from that of a 12 mm lens on a 2x sensor holding camera to subject distance constant? Clearly the FOV is the same and the DOF is different. My understanding of perspective is that it is simple geometry dictated by viewing position independent of lens.

Thanks for clarification.



Thanks for your subtle challenge on this. I've got myself convinced that the 12mm has a different perspective when in fact it doesn't. Perspective is determined by distance from the camera to the subject so perspective should be the same on the 12mm 2X crop factor and the 24mm full frame.

Having said that, there is something about the 12mm Oly that I'm not quite comfortable with. I haven't put my finger on it if it's not perspective.



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