My neighbor's unruly trees

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Re: My neighbor's unruly trees

Mr VA,

Yes, many trees are unruly and have forsaken straight lines or even right angles in favour of the fractal.  The little rascals!  (Well, they are quite large, many of them).

Perhaps you should adapt your portrayals of them so as to capture their essential lack of linearity?  Away with that rectangular picture frame that comes with the camera and let us have one with edges waving about in a seemingly random but in fact purposeful manner, as derived from a complex naturally-occuring formula such as that known to the trees!

Of course, it will require some degree of technical excellence to constuct such a frame, so perhaps you will demur?

SirLataxe, still with lots of room to grow into all kinds of excellence (but possibly not the arty kind due to his chronic philistinism). 

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