Nikons series 1 biggest problem is marketing.. !

Started Jan 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
Daniel Lauring
Daniel Lauring Veteran Member • Posts: 9,262
Re: Nikons series 1 biggest problem is marketing.. !

The stock lenses are slow consumer grade crap.  The camera was introduced way overpriced, and Nikon hasn't learned it's lesson with it's successor.  The camera is bulkier and has lower IQ than most of it's competitors (ie M43.)  The camera needs easier to use controls...real buttons (which they apparently did improve on the V2.)

The biggest attraction is for Nikon DSLR owners.  You can slap your 300mm F4 lens on the V1 and end up with a 810mm birding or long distance sports lens (like baseball shots from the stands.)  Additionally, the V1 uses the same battery and charger.  It is definitely handy to have a V1 body in your camera bag.

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