DP2M In Perspective

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Re: DP2M In Perspective

I have wondered if the DP shouldn't have had a small grip, making room for a larger battery (as on the Sony NEX). I suspect that Sigma went all out to make the camera small and light, and a larger battery would conflict with that to some degree. Also, one can carry spare batteries and stash them about one's body in various pockets, so that one hardly feels the weight, whereas a heavier battery inside the camera would be evident all the time. EVFs also add weight & size, as you can see by comparing the NEX 3 & 5 with the 7. I don't mind the OVF at all. Rangefinder camera lovers have been using those things for years, as did old time press camera pros.

I don't regard the DP as a tripod-only camera, but I often shoot it in good light. I also carry a tripod much of the time for use with other cameras for macro and tele shots.

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