Does anyone use a 50mm as their main lens on a full frame?

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Re: Does anyone use a 50mm as their main lens on a full frame?

Guidenet wrote:

Sure there are those who are happy with one lens for everything, but those folks must have a fairly narrow interest in photography overall. The ability to interchange lenses with an interchangeable lens camera is ther reason for these type cameras, obviously. We are able to match the correct lens to the job at hand. There are many various jobs and therefore many various lenses to do them with.


Actually, I have a number of lenses (lost count, but two of them are 50mm nikkors), for my DSLR, lenses for my medium format, a number of lenses for my large format cameras (4x5 and 8x10), a number of lenses in my darkroom for my three enlargers, and a a few telescopes and microscopes.    You are right, having the right lens for the job is important, and you are always looking for a "new need" to justify that "new lens you need for the job. " 

but you know something, at some point, it can grow tiring too.  There is an aspect of simplicty and simple enjoyment in walking around for a couple hours with just one lens.

If you ever find yourself in something of an "artistic dump", and by  that I mean, you just feel quite lost and uninspired in regards to your photography, this is a good way to get "the muse back."

Take just one lens - I find a prime is best - and take a day trip some where.  Far enough away once you get where you are going, you will not be tempted to go back and get another lens or lenses.  Then just shoot for a couple hours or a whole day with just that one camera and that one lens.

What happens is once you know for a fact inside your head this one lens is all you got, your brain then switches over to thinking along the lines of "how do I make this the best shot with what I got?"    It also forces you to adapt to the situation,  instead of expecting the situation to adapt to you.

I find such an exercise can inspire some self confidence.  Once you get back and you see what you can truely do with just that one lens, then you start to become excited about what you might be able to do with more lenses, and that's where the "muse starts to come back."

good luck

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