What is Post-Production ?? Photoshop and how different people view it.

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Re: What is Post-Production ?? Photoshop and how different people view it.

DaveKaiPiper wrote:

A few days ago I wrote a blog about some of the elements surrounding Photoshop and how different people view it.

I maybe wrong about a few things, but, if I am not very mistaken,a few countries in the world are seriously looking at forcing advertising that uses image manipulation during the creation process of it’s advertising to carry a warning or a statement to say as such. Our French neighbors seem to be the leading voice here. But I understand that the there is a growing American contingent also. Quite an odd things considering some magazines actually make a whole trade in showing “shocking celeb” photos of people looking normal. So what is going on. I get the feeling this is just people needing to shout about something. It’s like vegans telling us bacon is bad for you every day. Why do we need a warning if we know that photos are manipulated? Is there a problem that I really just am missing. Is the work we produce really that bad harmful. ........

You can read the whole blog here - http://www.davepiper.org.uk/blog/archives/7842

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Mr Pied,

I began reading your blog but the wall of text made my eyes give up in protest.  "No more!" they cried, "We are getting dizzy and the concepts are going all blurry".

Personally I am very careful about what I let my eyes scan, as they can transmit all sorts of dangerous stuff into my wetware.  All very well for me to warn my concept processor to watch out for seductive or even corrosive memes flooding down the eyeholes but once those things are inside it becomes quite difficult to ignore their prompts, exhortations, weaslings and nags.  Before I know it my hand is reaching for the wallet, as some advert man's sticky notion of what I should like takes control, via the seductive smirk of some photoshopped siren.

And although the advertmen shimmering houri-ideas are bad enough, what about the toxic memeplex from newspapers and their axe-grinding proprietors?  One can be Murdoched in a moment! Despite all one's good intentions, a fearful and foam-flecked fidgeting begins and one is jousting like a jingoist with anyone not from the same village, shouting, "I read about you in the Daily Frightener"!

Of course, we humans are easily suborned into all sorts of mad behaviours, many of which are self-harming.  It began well before the ancient Greeks, who at least recognised the syndrome and named it "rhetoric".  These days we are well beyond simple word-tools in constructing these dangerously seductive wetware programs for driving other humans to act like automatons.  Photoshopped glamour-spells are just one of the many svengali tools for causing us to go daft & dangerous.

Mind, putting an explicit warning on them won't really help.  After all, humans enjoy murdering themselves with all sorts of well-labelled poisons, from fags with "DEATH!" screaming from the packet to highly-processed "fud" that says quite clearly in the package smallprint, "This product contains lots of gunk that will cause your health to disintegrate, despite the fact that Miss Glamourpuss-a-tart can be seen apparently loving the stuff on TV"......

But I have now forgotten what you were asking (or was it just an inchoate ramble like mine).

SirLataxe, recognising that humans lie but still not caring much for it (I am the naive hill-fool).

PS  I suppose you are still tooting your flute and making off with the village children instead of the rats?

PPS  Eating bacon every day is certainly bad for you, not to mention the pig.

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