Opinions of NX100

Started Jan 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
crsantin Contributing Member • Posts: 560
Re: Opinions of NX100

I've had my NX100 for a few years now, and I own a bunch of other digital cameras as well (DSLRs, compacts, an Oly EP-2).

I wouldn't bother with the NX100 at this point.  There are much better cameras out there at very good prices at the moment.  The NX100 is alright, but I am not happy with the sensor.  Sometimes the colours look good, and at other times the colours just don't look right from this camera, especially the greens.  I was never happy with the high ISO (beyond 1000) either, and I shoot only RAW.  I no longer use the camera, but I did take it out last week because it does handle well and has a great button and user interface...my results were the same, some terrific looking photos and a bunch where the colours were just off.  I really want to like the camera but it disappoints me too often, so I've moved on.

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