Trying to Choose New Camera and Lenses: Olympus OM-D vs Sony NEX

Started Jan 24, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Trying to Choose New Camera and Lenses: Olympus OM-D vs Sony NEX

Dear All,

what an amazing forum! Thank you so much to everybody who has provided such a wealth of input so far which has been so helpful and advanced my knowledge unbelievably in a few short days!

I see from the copious discussion that the technical question regarding equivalence of apertures is not as trivial as I originally assumed and I will need to study the input more carefully!

Regarding the question of OM-D vs NEX, I am leaning slightly more toward OM-D right now (although still looking at cost!) and would summarise the points which I have been thinking about most so far as follows:

- Feel in the hand, responsiveness: adv OM-D (personal taste!)
- Compact “feel”: small adv to OM-D (vs NEX 6), but not with kit lens!
- Focusing speed: small adv to OM-D
- Sensor size/IQ/low light: small adv NEX 6 (OM-D fans, please be lenient!)
- Stealth ! : adv OM-D (touch screen)
- Lens options: adv OM-D (good portrait options, e.g. 45mm)
- External flash options: adv OM-D (current NEX options more expensive, e.g. F60M, or need adapters, work-rounds, greater know-how, etc, although I understand new NEX options likely coming soon)
- Picture format (3:2 vs 4:3): Undecided!
- Price: adv NEX (camera body, but not for flash stuff)

Overall, I like the feel of the OM-D in the hand and I am comforted by the wealth of lens options (thanks for all the input on this!). Even though the NEX format enjoys the larger sensor, this is my first “serious” camera so the (modest, and by some disputed (!), advantages in terms of IQ may not be critical for me and I have understood that the OM-D stabilization system is in any case pretty good!). After a first reading, it seems to me that I stand more chance to get external flash options working at a more realistic price for OM-D (because of the lack of external flash options I have had to exclude the NEX 5R altogether, even though it is beautifully compact, and have focused only on NEX6).

At the end of the day, I have seen so many amazing photos on the internet made with both systems that I have no doubt that the limiting factor will be me!

I am looking for deals for both systems right now and will need to see also what the wallet has to say! Will keep you posted!

Again, huge thanks!


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