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Troll can can dance

XXXPro wrote:

my bread is won shooting action up close which is an area the X series is very weak at. Firmware updates improved the situation from unusable to tolerable for amateur and non-action work but the simple fact is that I need SLR quality focusing.

Oh come on.

Your post history shows you are not a pro and you've owned the xpro for only 2 months.

If you managed to completely ignore every review ever written on the internet or print media and somehow existed in a vacuum where rangefinder style cameras were never seen just might be justified in assuming the following:

-better than a dslr for "shooting action up close" where your "bread is won"-lol

-xtrans sensor was readily embraced by raw developers

-insert other obvious but totally unresearched criticism here

Look, the xpro isn't a perfect camera. There isn't one. That's the nature of the beast and the reason there are so many cameras available for sale. Pick one that matches your needs/desires/budget and go have fun.

Pretending to be something you're not to an anonymous bunch on an internet forum makes about as much sense as whining about something with which you clearly haven't the sense to understand (your camera).

In other words, grow up.

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