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 jonska wrote:

I only see ACR in action on import into Lightroom and on the very rare occasions that I actually open a raw shot using Photoshop (I normally edit in photoshop straight out of Lightroom so that Lightroom will know where everything is).


Actually you see it in action in LR Develop module.

If you open a file you've worked on before it comes up with your last settings, which would be 2010. Click the icon at bottom right of the image and it converts to 2012 and alters the sliders to the new style. With your posted shot there's an immediate increase in punch with ACR7.

I tried that last night (just an idle poke at the "i" icon to see what it did), and I could see a difference. Not much difference as I had already done some basic processing work on the shots on import. I understand from my limited reading about LR4 so far that there is no way to make this change universally and simultaneously to all the shots in my catalogue? I understood from one article that people might not want to do this if they are happy with their already-processed LR3 shots. That would not bother me. All my processed shots are color coded, so I could easily go through them afterward (red: total failure but keep for sentimental reasons; yellow: might be worth a second look someday; green: safe to show without embarrassment; no color: unprocessed).

Actually there is a way to do it to a large group of images at once, even all images in the catalog minus one. Do it to one image, select the image in Library module in grid view, right-click on it, select Develop Settings -> Copy Settings, in the dialog box click Check None, click on Process Version to select it and click Copy. Then select all the images you want to update to the new version, right-click and select Develop Settings -> Paste Settings. But I would not recommend doing it on everything at once.

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