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Re: It all evens out

nixda wrote:

It's just a bunch of people who are either bored (probably a large fraction), trolling and enjoying the show (also a large fraction), or genuine (smaller fraction). My assessment.

Perhaps it's to counterbalance overly enthusiastic, and just as disingenuous, threads written by fanboys and shills.

Interestingly, when a thread starts with "Ditched my Nikon setup for an X-Pro 1; couldn't be happier", people get all cheery, warm, fuzzy and welcome the new 'member' with open arms.

If someone claiming to be a pro shooting close up action said this I would call them on it. No. No. No.

By contrast, when someone writes "Ditched my X-Pro 1; going back to Nikon", people tend to get defensive as if they had been insulted personally. Sure, nobody wants to hear that someone had a bad experience with "their" camera. Makes some people feel insecure about their purchase.

This depends. I have both a d800e and XE1 and love them both. I can completely understand that someone could make the mistake of switching and then being disappointed. But some of the threads are just plain obviously disingenuous.

On the other hand, when someone reports an outstanding experience, people tend to tear up, put their pink glasses on, and start grinning as they feel supported in their purchasing decision.

A bit OTT. But as you said, there is a team mentality that makes some folks feel better about spending big on a new camera / system. It is a place for Fuji users primarily.

Both sides can lose perspective and the sense for reality quite quickly. Often, there is nothing to be learned from the overly glowing accounts and much to be learned from someone who decided that a camera isn't for them and presents cogent arguments.

I hope you are not suggesting that there is something to be learned from the OP.

Overall, I feel there are only a few threads with extreme messages. Sure they stick out like sore thumbs, but there is still a lot of useful info here, the reason why most people joined this forum, I presume.

I jump into the bored category. Not sure why else I'd be writing this.

I think you should have posted this in a new or different thread. I agree with you.

But, this one is ridiculous.

"I am a pro shooting close up action for a money and bought the X series and three expensive primes and realize that the AF is to slow so I am selling them" - Seriously?

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