Nikon 60mm AF-S G Micro

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Re: Nikon 60mm AF-S G Micro

It doesn't matter where the lenses are manufactured, they are supposed to meet Nikon's build specification. Quality Control may be an issue though -- I think that since the earthquake, tsunami and floodings in the Far East, QC may have suffered a little bit, even in Japan. Case(s) in point: D600; D800/E & D4 all have had some kind of issues with them but not heard much about problems with lenses.

Thing is, we're all prepared to buy WinPCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and the like and all these are made in China -- Samsung makes stuff in Korea. And rarely anyone quibbles about it except ultra-nationalists who only want stuff made in their (western hemisphere) home country where we have moved from a manufacturing base to service industries and where wages tend to be high.

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