Olympus Camera Bodies Inconsistencies

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Re: Olympus Camera Bodies Inconsistencies

Yeah Oly does not have any consistancy.  I am considering upgrading from the E-pl2 to the GX1X and part of the reason why I am looking at panasonic is because of the intergrated flash.

How do you like the GX1?  Do you have the 14-42x lens?  If yes any issues?

originalhype wrote:

Hello all,

I've been looking at past and presents m4/3 bodies on the olympus side.

I own a panasonic gx1 but i am no means bias on any sides. I am glad both companies are in the m4/3 systems as any of their lenses can be used with any bodies.

The things i've notices is that there are more inconsistencies in the the Olympus sides than in the panasonic sides, especially the case of built in flash.

Case in point...

Olympus E-P, E-PL series.

1. e-pl1 to e-pl2 had built in flash

2. e-pl3 to e-pl5 has no built in in flash

3. From e-p1 to e-p2 has no built in flash YET e-p3 HAS built in flash while e-pl3 loses flash.

4. epm series has no built in flash.

5. OMD does not have built in flash

In conclusion, the only body that has built in flash is the E-P3. the E-P3 HAS two dials both in the back which means it is possible to use has a 2-way dials. OMD didn't need to have two dials at the top which it could have mode the mode dial and have the built in flash on the left side.

I understand about the extra hump but the nex-7 has showed us that it is possible to have flash in the body and still maintain compactness.

The reason i am thinking about this is that OMD has a very good sensor and if mounting a a external mic is not possible if I want to also mount the flash.

I like the my gx1 for it's built in flash in case of emergency.

I am sure i am nott he only one here who sees the inconsistencies...

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