Not A Fan of Viewfinders. Am I crazy?

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Re: Not A Fan of Viewfinders. Am I crazy?

KyleSlamchez wrote:

Okay, I've definitely noticed in reading camera reviews and forums that a lot of you love your viewfinders, particularly of the optical type.
Now maybe I'm a young whippersnapper who basically got started on a digital point and shoot that couldn't be bothered to have a viewfinder (a Canon S30), but I like composing with a screen. I don't see what the problem is.
Furthermore, I have a Pentax K20D with an optical viewfinder, and I suck at composing with it. I don't feel like I can see the entire scene, so even a simple photo of a room tends to come out crooked. Not only that, but because I wear glasses, I don't feel like I can get the thing comfortably up to my eye. My nose ends up mashed up against the LCD screen, one eye squinting, and it's just no fun at all.
Therefore, I prefer to use a camera with a Liveview LCD screen, because as far as composition is concerned, what you see is what you get. And I get to use it with both eyes open!
Now I understand that many screens can get washed out in bright sunlight. As far as I can tell, this is the only disadvantage. Is there something I'm missing here?
I feel like I might be out to get hammered by some old pro's, but what the heck. Bring on the hammer!

I grew up with film cameras and I agree with you. I've never felt comfortable shooting through a viewfinder. My first taste of 'freedom' from viewfinder (ffv) came years ago with a fujifilm F30. That 'opened my eyes' (ome) to what had bothered me from day one with viewfinders...i too prefer shooting and looking at the screen with both eyes open...then a revelation, for me, the swivel screen on my canon a630...nirvana...

walking in the street, in cafes, bars, or in the forest primeval...i love having the ability to shoot from the waist and the ability to frame accurately...getting low or high, no problem with a swiveling lcd...the point of view from eye level, standing, sitting, does not often work for me...

kyle, if you're crazy then so am I...

kind regards...

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