OM-D body only or with kit?

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Re: OM-D body only or with kit?

DeFinitive wrote:

ad78 wrote:

I'm ready to pull the trigger but I don't know what to order if I will get the kit or no. The reason is the 12-50mm is quite long compare to the other. Any recommendation will highly appreciated.

what is your setup?

It will only cost an extra $100-$200 to get the kit lens included. I bought the E-M5 with 45 1.8 about 3 months ago and regret not get the kit lens also as I've missed so many shots or not got the FOV that I wanted. My reason was that I'd wait until the 17 1.8 was available which I still haven't bought yet. So my advice would be to get it because it's so cheap and enjoy using while you choose your next lens purchase that suits your style or needs.

More like $300 now that the rebates are gone. And I think you can get them used for around that much.

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