7D2 - not coming soon? - Anyone translate Japanese Canon interview

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Re: +2 for AF at f/8 !

All of the above, plus spot metering linked to the active FP, 10 fps, and integrated GPS, and I'm inĀ 

Frankly, based on the little info in that article/interview, it seems that the 7DII maybe be another year or more away.  I'm sorely tempted to go for a used 1DIV in the meantime.  I love my 7D, but I crave those upgrades.


altair8800 wrote:

NancyP wrote:

I'll be lining up for a good APS-C camera with AF at f/8.

Me too!! I still would like 24Mp with low noise, but AF at f/8 is better. Maybe both?


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