First REAL-LIFE Rokinon 7.5mm Fish-Eye Images

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First REAL-LIFE Rokinon 7.5mm Fish-Eye Images

Further to a flurry of threads by several people on the Rokinon (Manual Focus) 7.5mm Fish-eye lens in µFT mount, I started a thread comparing it with the ZuikoD 8mm FE lens in FT mount:

The point of that thread was to show both lenses mounted on the E-M5, and also shots of an indoors comparison scene to show the differences in field-of-view.


Lenses are not created nor bought for that kind of sterile, clinical stuff.

So here are the first real-life scenes that I shot over the past few days with the lens.

(One thing already: the Rokinon is not billed as being weathersealed - and I would not take risk with it, not so much for the lens (without electronics, not much can go wrong), but for the innards of the camera. But I did take it out in mild snow, taking care not to expose the mount too much. The one other, telephoto, lens used on that cemetery trip, is the Rokinon 85mm F1.4, wide open)

Anyway, here are some fish-eye images with the diminutive little Rokinon:

A museum shot like I like to make them, but in this one, my finger is quite clearly in the frame (bottom right)... that is what made me realize I have to be more cautious with the Rokinon than with the Zuiko:

Rokinon at F4

Another museum scene (paying more attention to limbs and extremities...):

Rokinon at F4

Getting REALLY REALLY close to people:

Rokinon at F3.5

Snowy cemetery:

Another hi-key one from the cemetery:

As you can tell from the final two, my solution to avoiding the worst (visually unpleasing) FE distortions, is not to use de-fishing software, but to:

* either incorporate (and flaunt) the distortions in the composition;

* or to crop to square. It takes a bit of experience to shoot scenes that are intended for a later square crop, but it is a very effective technique for keeping that particular FE look while avoiding the kind of distortions that make an image unpleasant.

Thanks for looking. C&C is always welcome.

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