Ineed your advice... Pentax Q?

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Re: Ineed your advice... Pentax Q?

Hi there - and I hope things get better soon. I have family who have been affected by the crisis I sympathise.

Honestly, for all my affection for my little Pentax Q, I would not pick it as my one and only camera. IQ-wise it's fine, but there are issues (low battery life, unable to AF during video) that make it the wrong choice as an exclusive camera.

I agree with Miles - the Pentax K01 represents tremendous value and, of course, it will give you all the advantages of a DSLR (fast focus, good battery life).

Another format to consider might be Sony NEX - I have the base model (NEX F3) and it's good enough for most things. It is smaller than a DSLR, has a very nifty flip up screen and you get a nice APS-C sensor (although it is a mirrorless so AF will not be as fast in low light). Sony will announce the successor of this model in the next two weeks, so you might be able to get the F3 for a nice discount.

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