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jonska wrote:

I don't know or have ACR, so I opened the tiff file in Photoshop and the jpg straight out of dropbox (the default viewer for images in dropbox) and it certainly matches the Irfanview image in all respects and surpasses it in others.

You do have ACR, Jon, although not necessarily labelled as such. ACR is the standard Adobe raw converter and it sits in all their editing software. The version in LR3.x is ACR6.y. It's the same as what CS5 has, which also incorporates PS11.

Much food for thought. In the meantime I have upgraded to LR 4 and tried some of the "quick" settings there to see if they approximate your results and those of the others.

Good move. I didn't suggest it because it's too easy just to tell people to spend money. This version has ACR7.z. I remembered overnight that you can see the difference between ACR 6 and & quite easily once you have 7. On the Camera Calibration tab you have a choice of Process Version: ACR6 uses 2010, ACR7 uses 2012.

If you open a file you've worked on before it comes up with your last settings, which would be 2010. Click the icon at bottom right of the image and it converts to 2012 and alters the sliders to the new style. With your posted shot there's an immediate increase in punch with ACR7.

This link to the Adobe website shows what they call the top new features. This link (from half-way down the first one) is to a suite of tutorials on LR.  The Adobe TV section has lots of training videos.

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