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Pictus wrote:

Calibration sites are not like the TRUE calibration, they can only deal with a small fraction to what a true calibration is... Consider getting a Spyder 4 Express or a X-rite ColorMunki Display and use with the Argyll+dispcalGUI. (the new Dell U2413/U2713H/U3014 needs the expensive X-rite i1Display Pro)

To complement your information, how to choose a monitor and good info about soft proofing and alike stuff.

Thank you very much for the great information - very much appreciated.

I acknowledge and bow to your obvious greater knowledge.

However I was not using the on-line calibration sites to calibrate the monitor - merely as a quick check to see if my new monitor was "well adjusted" -

This is the ViewSonic VX2270Smh-LED page section on sRGB:

"sRGB Color Correction Technology Delivers the Most Accurate Color Performance Available

ViewSonic LCD monitors embedded sRGB color correction technology reproduce 100% sRGB rich color for color performance matching original input sources without decreasing or leveraging color quality. sRGB ensures all displayed images/videos are as natural as the original sources, displaying real color for captured camera and camcorder content."

The feature for me was that the ViewSonic VX2270Smh-LED monitor comes with a 100% sRGB factory calibrated Preset - this seems to suggest I may not have to adjust or calibrate it. On the sRGB preset there are basically no adjustments available, not even brightness or contrast.

Thank you for your valuable input - I definitely will follow up on your links.

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