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Re: It really depends

Marty4650 wrote:

If your goal is to perfectly fit your computer monitor, and "waste no pixels" then the ideal sensor aspect ratio might be 16:9... or perhaps even 16:7. This might be best for people who never print photos, and who can only compose photos in "widescreen" mode.

But if your goal is to take photos in the aspect ration that best suits the composition, then you will have to use lots of different aspect ratios. And there are only two ways to currently do this. Either crop the photo (after the fact, or before using in-camera masking) or simply own a lot of cameras with different aspect ratios.

There are many compositions for which 4:3 works a lot better than 3:2. For example, vertical shots and portraits. Similarly, there are others where 3:2 might be better, like landscape shots. And there are times that 1:1 is the best possible choice.

If 3:2 was the "best aspect ratio" then someone must explain why $30,000 medium format cameras usually provide a 6:7 or 5:4 or even 1:1 aspect ratio. If customers wanted 3:2, then surely someone would sell those to them.

I think Great Bustard has the best idea. Simply use a "way over-sized" sensor so the image circle is circumscribed. There are just too many advantages to this idea, and the cost should be reasonable now that sensor prices have started coming down. Panasonic actually did something similar to this by using a "slightly over-sized" sensor to reduce the image loss due to cropping.

As good as the Olympus OM-D results seem to be, I cannot help but think that image quality would be even better if a "way over-sized" Sony 16.2 MP APS-C sensor was used (the very same sensor used in the Nikon D7000, Pentax K5 and Sony NEX5, A55, and A580).

Of course, then the camera might have to be a little bigger, but that might end up being a very good thing for people who use longer and heavier lenses.
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I think you're right! What I don't understand is why neither Panasonic or Olympus is using an oversized sensor for their top of the line cameras and then give its users the choice of which aspect ratio to use? Surely it can't cost that much more to make such a implementation?

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