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Re: Monitor for Photo Processing

VT wrote:

Even a gazillion% gamut is absolutely useless, if it cannot display all the sRGB colors ie: 100% sRGB.

Some may argue that a monitor would be superior if it can display AdobeRGB or NTSC color space(s) -
but only if it is 100% sRGB capable in the first place –
since the displayable end result for the web and most printers is standardized on sRGB.

Better see for your self the gamut coverage of the printer, so we can work in the right color space and also choose the right monitor, to do that just go to,en/ and upload the printer profile and compare against the color spaces or the monitor profile, will need to install a browser plug-in,en/

Is what I did for here and here.

Here  the BEST video about gamut I ever found, it is a must see.

Calibration sites are not like the TRUE calibration, they can only deal with a small fraction to what a true calibration is... Consider getting a Spyder 4 Express or a X-rite ColorMunki Display and use with the Argyll+dispcalGUI. (the new Dell U2413/U2713H/U3014 needs the expensive X-rite i1Display Pro)

To complement your information, how to choose a monitor and good info about soft proofing and alike stuff.

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