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Re: ACR7.3 & CS6

jonska wrote:

Brad99 wrote:

I tweaked the RAW. Best I could do before bedtime....

Excellent. Not quite as saturated as the Irfanview (especially not the reds in the brick structures, which are overcooked in the Irfanview version), which I think is an improvement, and you have done a much better job of bringing out the sky than Irfanview.

I'm sure it must have taken you a few minutes, though...

Only a few. Years of practice though. The thing is though that if you had taken a whole series of shots in that location, I bet the same adjustments would have brought the best out of all of them. The main tweaks were as suspected...

ACR highlight control at minimum -100%

Exposure slight adjustment until sky is fully recovered, -0.35EV in this case

Shadows -16% to get the trees a bit darker

Saturation +14% as everything does look a bit underdone (camera setting?)

Curves - I dragged the highlight end to nearly meet the top end of the histogram. Then to make things pop a bit in a contrasty way, I slightly pulled down the dark end to make it darker and boosted everything above about 70,70 to make the light end lighter by quite a bit.

Now there's a problem because ACR only allows a maximum sharpening radius of 3 and I wanted more like 200, so I then selected Open Image to get the converted RAW into CS6 without having to save it.

In CS6........

USM set to radius 200, amount 30 (adjust to taste), threshold 0. This is the best tool for reducing haze.  I only used a radius of 40 in the posted image but 200 is better, I hadn't used this trick for a while.

All these tweaks could be run as a batch, perhaps leaving Exposure as the only manual setting required for each image.

I haven't got Lightroom installed ATM, I'm not sure it has large radius unsharp mask available.

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