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Re: DP2M In Perspective

DMillier wrote:

Fair enough - although I heard it on good authority that Sigma do have a long term objective of being a top 3 camera system maker, not a niche player.

Personally I think there much better placed to do that with DSLR's than they are with compacts were they have neither the R&D budget to perfect new tech to the extent the big boys do nore the easily adapted lenses for their own system.

What they really need is IMHO a DSLR that exploits the advanatges of the sensor. The SD1 might offer image quality at a similar level of FF DSLR's from an ASPC sensor but if its the size and price of a FF DSLR were is the attraction?

If the SD1's price can't be dropped further I'd suggest they really need to introduce a model below it with the same sensor or if possible above it with a FF sensor. Performance outside low ISO IQ might still lag somewhat behind the big names but would I'd guess meet the minimum requirements of more potential buyers.

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