Lack of built-in flash on OM-D annoying or frustrating?

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Re: I don't miss it...

bcalkins wrote:

I always thought it would annoy me, and then I bought the OM-D. Never really use on camera flash in that way. I rarely find that when I do want fill, that I can use 1/250th at the aperture I want... I wouldn't go so far to say that I wouldn't WANT it to be built in, and find the Panasonic/Sony bodies that allow the flash to be tilted back to 90 degrees to be very useful. But as for a forward only flash - I can take it or leave it...

Built-in tilting flash is precisely the point I made and one people seem to be missing a lot in this argument. Even if one considers keeping the external flash supplied with OMD on at all times, it doesn't bounce.

So just to put things slightly in perspective here are two photos I just took with my NEX-6 (this is by no means meant to imply anything on the one VS another camera):

No flash.

Built-in flash bounced by tilting up

The framing is a tiny bit different but both shot in the same dim lit room at ISO 1600. The difference is obviously the exposure time it took for each image with 1/10 shutter vs 1/60 and the flash one is better exposed.

You do not see any evidence of the flash on the second image because it has been bounced. With this picture though flash might be irrelevant especially with the excellent OMD IBIS, but if I was shooting my kid or even an adult 1/10 vs 1/60 could make a huge difference.

I don't think Sony lens based IS is as good as OMD IBIS so the 1/10 image is not as sharp as the 1/60 when viewed at 100%.

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