Getting rid of the V1

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Re: Getting rid of the V1

At first, I bought the V1 due to its focus system and focus speed.  Unfortunately, I am not really happy with the image quality, or the consistency of the image quality.

As far as cost wise, it really doesn't matter if the camera costs $300, or $3000.  If I like it I will buy it, if I don't like it, it doesn't matter if its $300.  Cost is not an issue.

As for the RX1, I have not used it or bought it yet.  But from reviews, the image quality seems very good.  But I don't know if I can live with the focus speed (or lack thereof)..

At first, the V1's image was acceptable for a sensor so small, but my preference is for more than "acceptable".  I must admit though that I have been spoiled image quality wise with my D800 and maybe I am asking for the impossibl in a pocketable camera.

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I am not a brand loyalist, I can take equally bad pictures with any brand...

If money is not an issue and you say there is a lot to like about the V1, why don't you just keep it.
You might as well use it for situations that might result in damage. Leave it in your car for those grab it quick moment. After owning a ff dslr I also know there is a world of difference in image quality. I bought the V1 because of the price drop, I was curious about the reported performance . It's not ever going to replace my main camera, but it's a lot of fun . I'm even going to get more lenses when I can afford it.
Big sensor, little sensor ? I rarely print my photographs so full frame is overkill for me . I know the V1 would deliver a great detailed 8x10.
I'm keeping my V1, it's not worth selling. It was worth buying though.
I am happy though you may spend megabucks on a new model. Lots of us here can't. However we may buy your second hand multi thousand camera when you decide to get rid of that.
I consider myself lucky that I have reached a point in my life where I am happy with the gear I own.
I am content .

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