There is a bad first time for everything ;- ( *&^%@*

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Re: There is a bad first time for everything ;- ( *&^%@*

I agree with the comment that cards should not need regular replacement. If a card works when first tried the chances are that when it goes faulty that it has been damage by careless handling.

You should not add/remove a card from the camera when it is still switched on , an even bigger no-no is when the camera is still writing to the card. Format the card in the computer when reinserting it having downloaded its contents to a computer. Avoid if possible frequently deleting files when the card is in the camera. All these procedures are likely to increase the risk of corruptions occuring although you will , on most occasions , get away with some abuse.

Finally handle & properly store cards when not in use to avoid physical damage & exposure to static electricity.

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