DP3M Poll: Who's interested?

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Re: DP3M Poll: Who's interested?

SandyF wrote:

I'm purely PC based, not Mac. But I recently went to a 6GB RAM Windows 8 Lenovo... and SPP runs VERY much faster than on my 2GB RAM previous computer.

I have other frustrations with Windows 8, LOL, but not SPP's speed.

As Kendall writes, add RAM if at all possible... that would be true for other readers too.

I'll probably be getting the DP3Merrill.

Best regards, Sandy
http://www.pbase.com/sandyfleischman (archival)
http://www.flickr.com/photos/sandyfleischmann (current, Death Valley photos)

windows 8: asus complained windows 8 for lower sales.

will use win7-64 and 8gb ram. only dual-core used. next quad(i7) will have 16gb.

I would setup a pc for photography only.

if someone has problems go to sysopt.com forums.

Use ghostery to stop getting cookies. and test your pc with kaspersky online-scan and malwarebytes.

Good to read that the pano-experts have also DP3M in mind. Its the right tool shooting e.g. with two rows vertical. There is a german supplier of a minirotator and head. was mentioned here.

Will have to wait until i have money left for the best tool. DPxM Pity it cannot 3dstereo yet.

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