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Re: Ineed your advice... Pentax Q?

glpsace wrote:

Hello everyone,

I´m posting for the first time here for a very long time (couldn´t even remeber my previous account), so technically, I´m new, but not quite;)

My story:

I´m from Portugal and a few years ago I had it all. I wasn´t, and still aren´t, a good photographer but had money, so had a few toys to play with, especially in terms of lens. K10D, D300, Fuji S5 Pro, Sigma DP1, Nikons 35/2, 50/1.8, 60/2.8, 85/1.8, 85/1.4, 200/2.8, almost every Zeiss Distagon. With Pentax I had all the FA Limited.

So money aside, you can understand that I´m a sucker for fast primes;)

I like especially to shoot people and of course my favourite subject is my 5 years old daughter.

Unfortunetly the economical crisis hit me hard and had to sell everything along the way. I sold last week my last 2 items which were the Nikon 50/1.8 and the Fuji S5Pro (my favourite piece of equipment to shoot people).

Anyway, I´m left with nothing and I have little money to buy something because despite being a poor photographer I want and have to keep "freezing" thos family moments forever (besides being engraved in my memory;))

I also decided to leave the DSLR world by giving up the last pieces of gear I had left because I realised that I was leaving it at home most of the time because was too lazy to carry it around.

So what was the point of such niece gear if I woudn´t seize the moment anyway?

So a few days ago, sat down and wrote what was more important to me in a shooting device.

The 2 most important items were portability and godd jpegs straight out from the camera. I usually use Ligthroom but over the years found out, most of the time, I´m lazy to process photos.

So, with my very limited budget I googled and started searching the web. This might sound funny but I was shocked to learn some of the prices that are being asked for gear outside the DSLR world! I guess I´m just not updated to the new small cameras that have been fludding the market.

I realised that a simple compact camera wouldn´t satisfy me, considering what I was used to. So I started looking in the 3/4 sensors but, within my possibilities, the aren´t many options out there. Just a few Olys and a couple more that are slight older models and are cheaper because they had been repalced or are being replaced now.

So, I came across the Pentax Q. At first glance, I said this is it! Then I started reading some reviews and my smile slowly disapeared. Smaller sensor, slow AF, average IQ and so on...

Nevertheless decided to read about user opinion and have been reading this forum for the last couple of days just out of curiosity.

It seems that what reviewers state, what other brand folks think about the Q, doesn´t quite correspond to what real owners think of the Q. And this has been puzzling me. Can it be possible that every "expert" is wrong? Could it be that reality of this tiny camera defies every evidence on paper?

What mostly struck me is the simplicity and the joy that you all show on your writing and photos.

Unfortunetly right now I don´t own the best monitor to trust my eyes from what I see, but I still can read all your coments and statements.

With the little budget I have, I just want the hapyness you share with each other, I just want to shoot again without thinking on the next gadget (I couldn´t afford it anyway). I want to be back to the beginning where all that matters was shooting, having fum and immortalise those moments. I had it all but never really enjoyed it because always wanted what I hadn´t. Sure took some amazing pictures bit without soul. It was all gear brutal force and none or almost none of my real me in it...

Anyway, sorry for the free talking... back on track.

Do you think I could be happy with the little Q. Do you think the Q deserves my little princess and life inspiration?

Do you think I´ll be abble to finally enjoy photography once more and learn with it?

I really want to believe so but would like your honest opinion, coming from the real person behind this particular little camera....

Just give me your straight feeling and opinion without any fear.

Thank you so much for barring with me in this too long post from someone who is not writting in his native language... and for that I apologise.

I´m just starting to apreciate again the little thinghs in life.



If I was to remain with one camera, and it has to be portable, my choice would be Fuji F200EXR. It is unique camera in its all around photo abilities (except video). The Q is better in high ISO performance, and more manual control, but with the practical lens (02 zoom), there are drawbacks, no real macro, slower focusing and not really portable because of the lens. The Q is great for what it is, and I like it a lot, but it is slightly limited as the only camera in the bag. Fuji is discontinued, but very affordable in used market, especially considering how good and competent it is even today when compared with modern cameras (and I did compare). Seeing how you liked the S5pro, you would feel like at home with F200 (same dynamic range capabilities and good color).

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