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DMillier wrote:

No light meter in my first camera and no focusing aids. Your focusing aid was a tape measure, your lightmeter a little box with a waggly needle on it you held in your other hand. I wonder what happened to my old Boots Beirette. Shutter speeds from 1/30 to 1/125th. Still got a Jessops CdS handheld meter.

Followed up that lot with an advanced Zenith E SLR with built in selenium meter. It wasn't coupled at all, you read the value off the scale on the top plate and turned a knob that was a little calculator dial that suggested an aperture and shutter speed which you could set yourself. I actually still have an older Zenith B model without the lightmeter today...

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Cool i had Exacta SLR from my father actually camera was older than me he did some infrared photography in 50's with it. Loved it 50mm F1.2 from 1/1000 to 12sec plus B and Z if i remember right. No pentaprism you had to look down. Sadly had to leave it in Russia in 92.

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