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Re: Opinions of NX100

Judgements of any camera are relative. To cost, to personal taste, to availability, to philosophy... Playing the devil's advocate, I'd have to ask: What equipment are you giving for the trade? As much as I like my camera, it's possible to put a cold monetary value on it. If you were to swap the items on ebay, would it be a reasonably even trade?

I got my NX100 almost 18 months ago, and love it. It has great controls, a big clear display, and is a nice compact camera given the sensor size. The 20-50 zoom is a good kit lens, sharp and compact. The body and that lens together make a good little package. To some, the body and lens feel 'cheap' because they're so light. I think that's part of the camera's brilliance. I shoot old all-metal cameras and lenses too, and I always smile when I pick up the NX. It's light, but plenty tough. It's not plastic because it's *cheap*. It's plastic because it's the right thing to do. Back in the 60s, we didn't have good engineering plastics that could do what the NX does. Now we do...

Observations about the camera:

The auto focus isn't as fast as a DSLR. Or the newer micro four thirds cameras. Or a variety of other mirrorless cameras probably... (I only have personal experience with NX and MFT.)

Low light shooting... There's no built-in flash, so if you want one it will be sticking off the top of your camera. They can be quite large depending on the one you choose. The kit lens is good optically, but pretty dim. Typical for kit lenses, but not so good compared to primes. High ISO performance is not wonderful compared to the latest crop of sensors, so you can't just jack it up to 6400 and shoot away. (Images shot above 800-1600 are dramatically improved by either 1) turning off the in camera 'noise reduction' or 2) shooting RAW.)  I recently started shooting RAW, and am happy with the result at 3200, but expect some grain/noise. Getting the 30mm f/2 pancake was a revelation for shooting in low light. It helps that it's also tiny and allows you to put the camera in your (coat) pocket.

You'll want a nice, 30-45mbps class-10 memory card, especially if you shoot RAW. Otherwise, write times can be long.

Overall, it's a fantastic camera. It has its limitations, but I have no plans on trading mine in. I'll keep it until it breaks. The NX lenses are great performers, and a good value. With cheap adapters you can shoot a wide array of old manual lenses, if you're into that kind of thing.

Good luck, whatever you decide!

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